uzuolaidos Curtains. For our customers we offerĀ Ā more thanĀ a thousand fabrics for day and night curtains. Periodically we update our stock with new fabrics. Our store day, night, blackout curtain fabrics from Belgium, England and Poland. More>>
audiniai drabuziams Apparel fabrics. Natural and synthetic fabrics for sewing clothes: suiting fabrics of woll, moreen, dress fabrics of cotton, viscose, natural silk, polyester. A lot of viscose, acrylic, woolen hosiery, patterned and one- coloured shirtings.Ā LargeĀ assortment of durableĀ synthetic fabricsĀ – krepsatine, gaberdine, satin, taffeta.More >>
furnitura Accessories. Our store offers a large selection of buttons, embroidery threads, measured in various lengths and fasteners, as well as accessories for sewing curtains. Needles, crochet, felting needles, decorative strips. More >>
pamusalai Backings. We sell ā€‹ā€‹natural, synthetic and mixed linings. We offer a wide selection of colors and patterns. We have a thick viscose linings for coats, jackets and thinner for skirts, dresses, as well as a wide range of knitted, polyester, acetate, viscose with elastane, viscose / acetate linings. More>>
drobe Huckaback. We offer high-quality cotton fabrics for bedding. Also satin (100% cotton) fabrics.Ā Here you will find a large selection of measured “Alytaus drobÄ—” fabrics. More>>
linas Linen. Large selection ofĀ  rare and thick linen. Also, we offer linen cuttings at extremely low prices. We have a natural linen, very soft, linen with viscose, double-sided jacquard linen for tablecloths, traditional and modern patterned.Ā More >>
audiniu pirkimas Fabrics purchasing. Under favorable conditions, we co-operate in buying fabrics from companies. If interested, can contact by e-mail or phone.
siuvimo paslaugos Curtains sewing. At the shop are always available to help tailor and consultant. We offer not only to choose a curtain fabric, but also sewing services.
isparduotuveOutlet. At our new section on Ā Herkus MantoĀ street 6, you can find high-quality fabrics at the most acceptable prices. Here you also can find tapestries, non- wovens and recently appeared silicone beads that are perfect for pillows and toys. We sell furtinure and clothing wadding. More>>
sandelys Warehouse. On the Paneriu street locates company’s warehouse specializes at fabrics wholesale.Ā Here you can buy apparels fabrics by wholesale prices. More>>
kitos prekesOther products. Our store also offers a wide selection of frequently used fabrics or non-woven materials. We offer you high quality tick fabrics, raw cotton fabrics, filc for needlework, silicone beads, cold-resistant linings for coats, and the natural linings.